Luisa Omielan says what we're all thinking (or should be)

When UK comic Luisa Omielan launched a take down of the 'thigh gap' trend on Australian television, she probably didn't expect to be embraced as grandly as she has been.

Video of her spot went gangbusters, clocking up over nine million views on Facebook alone, making her the breakout star of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the unofficial poster child of positive body image.

“It’s indicative of how hungry we are for something positive rather than feeling crap about ourselves all the time,” Omielan told the Herald Sun earlier this month.

“I remember when someone first told me about a ‘thigh gap’. What a ridiculous thing to scrutinise. It’s like every year there’s a new fad on how to feel bad about yourself.” 

Thigh gap? What thigh gap bitches!

Thigh gap? What thigh gap bitches!

Posted by Luisa Omielan on Thursday, April 2, 2015