Jillian Michaels is just like us; she hates working out too

Bless this woman. Not only has she provided a never ending stream of motivation over the last decade, but she's used her latest Women's Health magazine cover story to prove she's not an untouchable, unobtainable fitness goddess.

"I actually hate working out," Michaels told the mag. "What I love is that I feel empowered. What I love is that I feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone my own skinny jeans. That's a big deal for me."

It's sage advice. Even on those days you just don't want to drag yourself out of bed early to hit the gym, refocus on how you'll feel afterwards. Whether you're building confidence or just need an endorphin hit first thing in the morning, it's always worth it.

"Fitness is transcendent," she explained. "When you feel strong physically, you feel strong in every other facet of your life."

Michaels' advice didn't stop there, however, as she shared the secret behind her ongoing success. "If you want extreme success, it requires an extreme amount of work," Michaels revealed.

Given the rebirth of her career across TV, podcast and digital, it's easy to see that it's working for her.

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