Keeping up accountability in 2016

I'm going to be honest and say last time I tried to keep myself accountable, I just didn't do it. But it's a new year, I'm still high on the euphoria of actually achieving 2015's one and only resolution, so it's worth revisiting this one.

The end game is to be accountable. All the time. 

Everyday I'm going to track the three most important factors of my health and wellness journey: sleep, nutrition and exercise. I'm not going overboard and writing a dream journal or anything too crazy. 

Instead I'll use a calendar (this year I'm going to be spurred on by The Walking Dead and their extreme levels of fitness that lets them fight through life or death situations day in, day out) to track my progress.

If I hit all three targets (sleep, nutrition, training) I colour a square in pink. If I hit two out of three, I get a yellow square. If I notch up one - or worse, none - I get a blue square.

It's a simple process that will let me gain an overview of how I'm tracking each month without having to delve too deeply into the nitty gritty.

To help me keep on track and maintaining accountability, I'll post an update at the each month so we can all judge my progress.

Who else wants to give it a go?