Andrew Keegan booked for selling kombucha. Wait, what?

Yes, you read that right.

90s teen heartthrob and newfound spiritual leader Andrew Keegan has been booked in LA for selling kombucha. 

Full Circle, the spiritual group founded by Keegan, had its Venice Beach headquarters raided after reports it was selling the drink made from fermented tea during a fundraiser for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Kombucha can contain up to 1% alcohol and while it's legal to sell kombucha in most cities, the 1% alcohol classifies it as beer in California, meaning vendors must obtain a license to sell it.

"We’re a complaint-driven agency," Will Salao from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department said. "When someone notifies us about what might be an illegal activity, we respond to it... They were cited for a misdemeanour for selling alcohol without a license.”

Speaking with Argonaut Online, Keegan fired back at Salao, "They may be a complaint-driven agency, but we’re an intention-driven organisation and our intentions are pure. Kombucha is something we’d never imagine to be an illegal substance, and it’s frustrating the system has that perspective.

"We’re certainly taking full responsibility for co-creating the event. We try to put our best foot forward. We wanted to raise money for Sea Shepherd as a community; that’s how Full Circle operates."

Regular consumption of kombucha can lead to a number of health benefits including improved joint care, increased gut health and boosting your immune system and energy levels.