My life has been a lie

Well. At 28, this is not where I thought I'd be.

I've just found out my life has been a lie.

Back in April these two American guys - Ben and Ken -  decided to put an end to one of life's mysteries: how exactly do you pronounce 'Nike'?

They went straight to the top, sending a letter to Nike Co-founder and Chairman Phil Knight to ask him to put an end to the debate once and for all. 

Surprisingly he replied. What's even more surprising is the answer he gave:



Ben and Ken were similarly dumfounded and took their quest to determine the true pronunciation of 'Nike' one step further.

Not only have they created (remember, if you cast a vote, make sure you choose the right pronunciation... Nike) but they took their question to the streets, letting punters have their voices heard: 

So. Is anyone else feeling like their life has been a lie?