Jessica's pumpkin soup

In a sure sign I'm growing up/getting old/something more sinister, my excitement levels peaked when my friend sent me a text saying "I just made my own pumpkin soup for the first time. Life changed."

As someone that's always assumed making soup is tough, I was even more excited when she sent me her recipe and it was insanely easy.  

Please note: I did warn Jessica that her recipe would become blog content.


Preparation time: 90 minutes | Blending time: 2 minutes | Serves: 8

Pumpkin. A lot of pumpkin;
Homemade chicken stock;
Spices to taste.


Pour your homemade chicken stock into a large pot (I popped my stock in the slow cooker overnight - it makes life easy);
Cut up pumpkin into one inch cubes (or thereabouts) and drop into the chicken stock until you can't fit anymore in;
Bring pot to boil then leave to simmer until the pumpkin begins to fall apart;
Spoon into blender and pulse until the pumpkin and stock is combined (this took me about 20 seconds per jug of soup). If you have a hand blender you can probably do this in the pot;