Emily Blunt: seriously badass

I'm not usually one for seeing movies in cinemas. I have a completely irrational reluctance to watch 'new' things - whether it's a movie, TV show or something else - I find it really hard to commit to sitting down and focusing on it. It took me 18 months to watch 30 RockParks and Recreation still hasn't had an airing despite buying season one on DVD almost five years ago.

I know, I'm weird.

Last night I surprised myself when a friend called asking if I wanted to see Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise's latest movie. "What's it about?" I asked.

"I don't really know but it's sci-fi," my friend said. "And it has Emily Blunt in it - she trained every day for it and has an amazing body."


I don't know too much about Emily Blunt, but after seeing Edge of Tomorrow I now know she's seriously badass. And my friend was right - her body was ridic (please refer to the photos above for further evidence). Her transition to action hero has catapulted her to the position of my #1 Gym Muse. I bet she's stoked.

Her trainer, Jason Walsh, spoke with Women's Health recently and gave a little bit of insight into Blunt's training regime as she prepared for the role.

"We worked to make sure she had mobility in her joints, and then flexibility and base strength," Walsh explained. "Once her body was resilient and strong enough, and she had a lot of endurance, I took her out to [a nearby track] to really condition her. She did tons and tons of sprints up stairs."

Her three month preparation didn't end there, however, with Walsh adding weight vests to Blunt's training sessions - starting with a 4.5kg vest and working up to a 15kg one.

Like I said. Seriously badass.