Chocolate pudding #2

I wasn't planning on posting this recipe yet, but after receiving a bit of positive feedback about my last chocolate pudding, I thought I should share a slightly different take on the dessert (or, in my case, breakfast).

This one doesn't look pretty and it's definitely not vegan - or even vegetarian - friendly, but it tastes damn good.

This recipe incorporates some real superfoods - including whole milk and kefir - but also includes gelatin, which promotes joint, bone and intestinal health amongst a wealth of other things. I order mine from GPAwholefoods.

Preparation time: 8 minutes | Blending time: 30 seconds | Serves: 1-2 depending on meal

INGREDIENTS (these are all rough estimates):
1/2 banana;
1/3 cup of kefir;
1 cup whole milk;
1 tsp vanilla bean powder;
1 tbsp cacao powder (you can add more or less pending personal preference);
Nutmeg or cinnamon to taste;
2 egg yolks;
1 tbsp cold pressed coconut oil;
1 tbsp gelatin dissolved in 2/3 cup boiling water.

Add everything into blender;
Pour into bowl (or cup if you're having it on the run) and let sit for a few minutes. It will set in this time.

You can add additional milk to the mix (and less boiling water/gelatin) to make it a smoothie, but the beauty of this is in the consistency.