Chocolate pudding #1

Kissing (keeping it simple, stupid) is the approach I take in the kitchen most often. The more steps - or ingredients - means more opportunity to get things wrong, so I try to cut down in as many places as possible.

It's not a surprise to learn that when I was craving chocolate pudding, instead of blending up avocados and zucchinis and getting all fancy, I went for the ol' faithful instead: bananas and cacao powder. 

I feel like I'm almost insulting you by sharing a 'recipe' so easy... But it tastes too great not to.

You don't really need all of these ingredients - I was just out to impress.

Preparation time: 5 minutes | Blending time: 2 minutes | Serves: 2

2 x bananas (1 fresh, 1 frozen);
1 tbsp cacao powder;
A dash of maple syrup;
Toppings to suit (I used coconut chips, cacao nibs and Buckinis).

The most difficult part of the process: mashing a banana by hand.

Break the fresh banana into pieces and place in a bowl with cacao powder;
Roughly mash the fresh banana and cacao powder together (see above);
Place the mashed banana and the frozen banana into your blender;
Blend until thoroughly combined (you may need to help keep things going):
Scrape mixture into two bowls and top with treats of choice - you can see what I used below;
Pat yourself on the back, sit down and enjoy.

The delicious final product.