Sia pulls a P!nk, recreates 'Chandelier' video live on TV

Australian singer/songwriter Sia is notorious for shunning the limelight, so it's not surprise she chose to appear on Ellen with her back to the cameras and audience.

The upside to this is it meant the production on the live performance was next level.

Sia - alongside 11-year-old Maddy Ziegler (of Dance Moms) - recreated the brilliant music video for 'Chandelier' live on TV. Performing this routine live on TV would be a tough ask for an adult, but unfazed by the attention or pressure, Maddy pulled it off brilliantly.

The performance was reminiscent of P!nk, who recreated her 'Try' music video live onstage for various awards shows (not to mention every night as part The Truth About Love Tour).

If this doesn't get you moving, nothing will.