Could you live a microwave-free life?

What does this have to do with thermos'? All will be revealed...

I'm at the very beginning of a new health and wellness journey (there have been a few) where I'm making a concerted effort to eat, sleep and train well, and - most importantly - consistently

A large part of this journey centres around looking beyond what I assumed was always right and educating myself so I can make informed decisions that I'm willing to live by, which has seen me wading into the great microwave debate.

There are an infinite number of opinions out there about whether microwaving is or isn't detrimental to your health, with the majority of arguments against microwaves focusing on the following points:
- High temperature cooking can cause fats to oxidise (leading to free radical formation);
- Microwaving denatures proteins and destroys enzymes.

It's debatable about the harm - if any - the above can cause (and if you Google hard enough, you can find every opinion you could imagine on this topic). While I'm not in a position to make a definitive call on the danger of microwaving, I can find a compromise that works for me.

That compromise? To do away with the microwave altogether.

I've been trialling the microwave-free way of life for around a month now, and I have to say, it's working for me.

It's made me more accountable when it comes to planning and executing meals, which in the past has been a huge problem for me. I can't decide to defrost meat at the last minute, so I have to plan ahead. I can't just throw any leftovers into the microwave - I have to plan meals that can be reheated (whether on the stove or in the oven). 

Lunches have been the biggest challenge as, believe it or not, my workplace doesn't have a stove or oven on hand. So I've come up with a great solution: cold lunches. Oh, and using a thermos.

The cold lunches are easy - leftover meat with salad is my go-to at the moment - but it's not as easy when you've got a hankering for a hot lunch. After a little hunting around online, I found these brilliant Stanley thermos'. Perfect for soups, casseroles and even pieces of steak, these babies keep it all warm for at least 12 hours (you can push it to 24 if you really want to).

I found both of these in store at Big W. The larger one is available online.

Pro tip: taking your lunch in a thermos may make you out to be the weird kid at work or school, but it does mean you can skip the microwave line. Who's laughing now?