Keeping up accountability


It's no secret that I have a lot of trouble keeping on track day in, day out. Getting to bed on time, 5am alarms and getting my nutrition just right... All it takes is one rogue Oreo (or 10) to get in the way and throw everything off kilter.

So I'm making a pact with myself: be accountable. All the time.

Starting today (day one off to a great start considering I need to wake in just under six hours) I'm going to track the three most important aspects of my journey: sleep, nutrition and training. 

We're not getting too hectic though... This stunning Beyoncé calendar doesn't just provide excellent motivation to keep going but also allows me a simple way to track my progress. If I hit all three targets (sleep, nutrition, training) I colour a square in pink. If I hit two out of three, I get a yellow square. If I notch up one - or worse, none - I get a blue square.

It's easy to think you're hitting your targets, but until you see it laid out in front of you your success (or failure) won't really hit home. 

I'll post an update of my progress on the 15th, and again on the 30th. Here's hoping Beyoncé will trump the Oreos this time.